Outlook and your email newsletter

Are you using a desktop email program to mail out your monthly newsletter? Many businesses do, at least when first getting started. “Why would I pay for something I can do for free?,” you’re asking. It’s a good question.

Managing email campaigns using a system designed especially for that purpose can help you be a smarter newsletter campaigner and avoid headaches by giving you:

  • The ability to analyze your campaigns – you’ll know exactly how many people opened your email, how many many clicked a link, which links they clicked, how many bounces there were and how many signups you’ve had.
  • The ability to create, use and/or edit an HTML template design for your newsletter that matches or complements your website.
  • The ability to test your email design in a variety of desktop, Web, and mobile platforms. This would be extremely expensive if you had to get a copy of each type of device and software to truly test your design.
  • The ability to test your email for spam-iness before it’s sent out.

Using Outlook is a good place to start, but a true campaign management tool has too many benefits to ignore. There are a good variety of online email tools to choose from these days – contact us if you’d like some pointers.