New Site Launch: Endress Analytics

Gabrielle Endress, owner of consulting firm Endress Analytics, hired Red Kite to design and build a custom WordPress theme for her blog after getting frustrated with some aspects of the commercial theme she’d been using. Mainly, the featured content slider on the home page – a tool that displays an image and content from each of the last few recent blog posts – was very hard to edit because it was built into the theme itself, rather than having some type of control panel in WordPress.

Gabrielle provided us with some references to sites where she liked the look and feel  of the designs and navigation elements, and we created a design that incorporated the best features of those sites and her current site.

We also did our research and came up with a featured content slider – commercial, but inexpensive – that’s completely controllable from inside WordPress. In addition, we replaced a few plugins and added some security features to her site.

Here’s what Gabrielle had to say after we launched:

“I hired Debbie to do a custom redesign of my existing WordPress site. She did a fabulous job, and came up with a design I really liked, just based on my initial feedback about what I wanted. In addition, she made some much needed improvements to the backend of my site as well. I’ve gotten lots of compliments from my clients regarding the improved design.”

Thanks Gabi – we enjoyed working with you too!