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Affordable Content Management – Saves You Time and Money

We love WordPress. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution by any means, but for many small and medium businesses, it’s a fantastic content management system, or CMS. A CMS makes it easy for you to both edit existing pages and add new pages and features to your site yourself.

Custom WordPress websites are a solid long-term investment for businesses who want to have greater control over their own websites – plus there’s the added benefit of having a business blog. Using a blog to add fresh, high-quality content to your site on a regular basis is a very good thing as far as Google is concerned. Think of it this way: if you write a short, two paragraph blog post once per week about a topic pertinent to your business or customers, you’ll have added 52 more pages to your website in one year. That’s a lot! It’s good for your customers and good for search engines.

But WordPress is not for everyone. We offer CMS setups for any size website. If you don’t need the flexibility of WordPress but want to be able to edit and add pages on your own, we have affordable options for you, no matter the size of your site. Contact us for more information today!