Great news — your website is nearly ready to launch! We’re just a step away and need your final thumbs-up. Here’s how to green-light your site for launch:

When you click the “SUBMIT” button on the form below, it means you’ve checked out your website at the demo URL we sent via email and you’re giving it a ‘yes’ to go live exactly as it is. By giving Red Kite Creative the go-ahead to publish your website and make it live, you’re agreeing to the terms outlined here:

1. Approval

The website is approved and meets all of our project requirements.

2. Testing

I have taken sufficient time to test the new website and I agree that:

  • All decision makers have approved the website navigation for accuracy.
  • The website content has been proofread and confirmed for accuracy by all decision makers.
  • Contact forms on the website have been tested by all decision makers.
  • I have checked all links and confirm that they lead to the correct destinations.
  • We hold the legal rights to use all the photos featured on the website.

3. Browser Compatibility

Red Kite Creative has tailored my website to be compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers. However, I understand that due to the evolving and unpredictable nature of browser design, older and future browser versions may not fully support or display my website correctly, and they may encounter bugs.

4. Legal Pages

I will fill out the Website Policies Waiver form and understand that it’s solely my decision whether to include privacy, terms, and other legal policies on my new website.

5. Future Issues

Over time, my website may encounter new challenges. Changes in browser technology, unexpected user interactions, and a variety of other unforeseen factors can gradually impact my website’s performance and compatibility. It’s important to stay ahead of these changes to ensure my website continues to function smoothly and effectively. I understand that Red Kite Creative is not responsible for fixing these types of issues, but can help to control and prevent them with ongoing maintenance of the website. In addition, I understand that all future website work will be billable at Red Kite Creative’s current hourly rate.

6. Maintenance

Red Kite Creative’s website maintenance service (WP Minder) can manage plugin, theme and WordPress updates, as well as backups, security monitoring, hosting and more. If I choose to decline website maintenance, I understand that I am responsible for all updates, backups, security etc. for my website as well as setting up a hosting account.

7. Payment

I understand that final payment is required before my website can go live.

Please complete the form below.

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