Completely Custom Web Design

Complete custom design examplesYour business isn’t an exact copy of anyone else’s – why should your website be?

Red Kite works with you to craft a 100% custom, unique look-and-feel that suits your business’s personality and reflects its goals. Our job is to make your business look awesome – and at the same time provide an easy-to-use website for your visitors.

This includes completely custom WordPress themes.

How do we do it?

  • We start by getting to know you and your company and industry through conversations, our special quote request form, and visiting your existing site and those of your top competitors.
  • We develop a plan for site structure that makes it easy to navigate and find specific content on your new site. Clear, logical architecture is best for humans and also has proven benefits for search engine optimization.
  • We take inventory of your goals for your site and create wireframes that include all necessary functionality and features to meet those goals. Wireframes show desktop and mobile site appearance at a ‘blueprint’ level.
  • Building on the wireframes and using thematic elements of your existing site and marketing materials, we create layouts that add depth, richness and personality to the basic framework.
  • And finally, we convert the chosen design to a custom WordPress theme, crafting an engaging user experience for your customers and clients.

Your website will not be a cookie-cutter template – it’ll be a totally unique design that fits your business like a glove. Let’s get started.