SEO and Web Marketing Services

Get on target with web marketing servicesWe know how to make websites that Google likes. Every one of our sites are built to be search engine-friendly, but we can go a step further with our web marketing services. From content strategy to blogging, SEO to social media, we can help you achieve better positioning in search engines.

It really is all about content.

Google has evolved to the point where content truly is king. Updates to Google’s ranking algorithms in the last year or two have moved the focus away from ethically questionable, black-hat SEO tactics of the past, and squarely on high-quality content and the overall trustworthiness of a site.

This is great for you as a business owner; the ability to control your site’s success in your hands. But there is work involved: success depends on how much effort you’re willing to make in getting regular infusions of fresh, high-quality, useful content onto your site and out to your audience wherever they may be.

Red Kite and our partners provide the following web marketing services to support your efforts.

SEO Services

One of the most important investments you can make in your business website. Understand your audience, remove barriers for customers and search engines, and get more targeted, converting traffic to your site.

SEO Audits

Find out what’s causing low traffic and/or conversions and what needs to be done to improve your website. Our report will show you the easiest changes to your site that will bring the most SEO benefit.

Google Analytics

Confused by Analytics? Not sure what you should be looking at? Learn how to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to understand what’s happening on your site.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most valuable marketing channels. We can help you set up an email marketing campaign and create a custom HTML template to match your website or other marketing materials.

Social Media

We can help you set up your social media business pages and connect your blog to your profiles in Facebook, Twitter and other platforms so that your new content appears automatically (less work for you!).

Content Strategy & Creation

Have a lot of content on your existing site, and not entirely sure what to keep, what to discard, or how to reorganize it? We’ll perform a content audit of all the existing pages, prepare  a ‘wish list’ of missing content, and create a content project plan.

Local Search

If you’re targeting customers or businesses within a local marketing area, you’ll need to pay attention to Local Search. Nearly half of all searches now have a local focus (view source).

Business Blogs

If you have a WordPress site, you have a blog. Blogging can help drive traffic to your site and establish you as an authority in your field. Blog posts continue to provide benefit long after you hit ‘publish.’

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