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AKG Motorsport

We first worked with AKG in 2009, building a custom site for their BMW racing parts company. In 2019, we did a complete makeover – mostly on the backend. We replaced long-outdated custom WooCommerce programming wherever possible to make the site leaner and faster. Some of our custom functionality had been replaced by default WooCommerce features and was no longer needed, and other custom code was revisited and trimmed down.

We also replace the galleries on the site with FooGallery, which does a better job managing the dozens of separate galleries we needed, and also makes it very easy to edit them.

For sections of the site like Show Your Bimmer, we added custom fields to make it super-easy for our client to add new cars.

View the website:


AKG Motorsport desktop screenshot
AKG Motorsport mobile screenshot

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