SEO Content Creation

We help you create blog posts to boost your online presence, build your SEO & brand, share on social media or in newsletters and educate your customers before they’re even ready to buy.  Your blog becomes your pre-sell, customer magnet, credibility and the reason your customers will see you as the leader in your industry.

Why blogging is good for business

What does this all mean to your bottom line? This means increased profits and a 24/7 online customer magnet!

We write blog posts each month for you, infused with keywords for optimal SEO to increase the number of people finding you online. Posts will generally be 350-500 words. You’ll help us with the basics on the topics and then we do the rest.

Blog posts will include one main/featured image. We can use your high-quality image or (for an extra fee) choose appropriate stock photos.

We write your blog posts as a ghost writer, meaning, you can put your name or someone on your team’s name as the writer of each blog post. You’ll get an Editorial Calendar in your WordPress dashboard that outlines content creation during your project, and you can use it for scheduling new content going forward.

SEO Content Creation includes either 2 blog posts per month for $260/month, or 4 blog posts per month for $520/month. This service can be added to the Advanced SEO or Professional SEO package (the Professional package includes 2 posts per month).

All packages require an SEO Audit up front; we have to understand the current state of your site before we start changing things around.

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