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I’ve been designing and building custom WordPress themes from scratch since 2009. Back on January 1 I switched to custom theming using the Genesis framework – not a huge transition but still something of a learning curve! A few months ago I needed to create a sliding toggle menu for mobile browsers for a client’s […]

This is Part 2 of my initial article on Moving From HTTP to HTTPS from April… To pick up where we left off… the last thing we did was add the 301 redirects from the old HTTP URLs to the new ones using HTTPS. Let’s continue… 6) If your robots.txt file has any hard-coded HTTP […]

Need to add some very simple reviews to your website – like reviews for a service or product, or even testimonials – but are not using a shopping cart that will make it easy for you? You can create a form for visitors to add reviews or testimonials and display them throughout your site – […]

Easy WP Guide is a downloadable PDF or Word file that covers how to do practically anything in the WordPress admin side. Its best feature? It’s updated almost as often as WordPress is. If you’re using an older book, or maybe have no WordPress documentation at all, I’d recommend downloading a free copy of Easy WP Guide. […]

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(Updated Oct. 14, 2013 – In order to import a KML, you’ll need to click on My Places, then instead of the red Create Map button, click the link underneath (“Or create with classic My Maps”). On the next screen you can import a KML; it’s Maps Engine Lite that won’t let you import KMLs […]