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If you’re a photographer, architect, artist, graphic designer, or any type of creative professional who has a body of work to display, getting an image gallery for your website can be a daunting task. Not because there aren’t many choices – on the contrary, there are so many that you may find a hard time […]

Team Fort Collins screenshot

Red Kite just launched a new website for Team Fort Collins, a local non-profit that’s been providing alcohol and drug prevention services to the Fort Collins community since 1989. Team approached us about getting a fresh new look and reorganizing the existing content on the site, and also a way for them to more easily […]

Finding a professional web designer who’s also a developer (or vice-versa) is more difficult than finding someone who’s strictly one or the other, but it’s worth the extra effort. Some of the benefits of getting it all in one package include: a much better understanding of what’s feasible (and advisable) on the website. Designers who […]

Red Kite (finally) gets its new site up. Since I specialize in WordPress, I thought it would be nice to actually have a WordPress site. 🙂 Launched five minutes ago; now I’m checking for bugs, link issues, missing images, and to make sure this is showing up in Facebook and Twitter via Twitterfeed and the […]

Are you using a desktop email program to mail out your monthly newsletter? Many businesses do, at least when first getting started. “Why would I pay for something I can do for free?,” you’re asking. It’s a good question. Managing email campaigns using a system designed especially for that purpose can help you be a […]