Debbie Campbell

Desktop browser - learn to clear your browser cache

This happens about once per week… I’ll make a change for a client in their theme and let them know an issue is fixed. They’ll go take a look and see that the problem appears to still be there. I’ll tell them to clear their browser cache. Either they’ve been through this a hundred times […]

Example of a dark pattern

Here’s a great example of a ‘dark pattern’ I encountered today. Dark patterns are UX (user experience) interactions designed to trick or mislead users. Note the ‘Temporary offer, only 1 left’ in the screenshot here? This is a very typical example of this type of manipulation – trying to make you think you’re going to […]

As of September 1, 2018, Colorado-based businesses are affected by a new consumer data privacy law. The new law’s data protection standards are now among the strictest in the US. But the good news is, if you’re already complying with GDPR, the European General Data Protection Rule, it appears that no additional steps will be […]