WordPress Training and Consulting

WordPress Training Sessions

Need training in the basics of WordPress for you or your staff? Or have you added a new plugin and are not sure how to use it? We can help!

We provide comprehensive training for all our WordPress clients and we offer it to you as well. Get a friendly, hands-on lesson in the basics of using your WordPress site, onsite if local or through a screencast if not.

We can also provide tutorials and written documentation for performing particular tasks, such as adding new testimonials, adding images to a slideshow, or adding products to an ecommerce plugin. Training sessions can be conducted at your place of business.

WordPress Consulting

WordPress is free and is easy to use out of the box – but it’s also very flexible. You probably want to do more than just edit and add pages and posts, but how exactly do you go deeper?

There are thousands of plugins and themes available for free and it can be very confusing to the untrained eye. How do you pick a plugin when there are dozens available for the feature you need to provide? How do you know what’s right for your business website?

We can help. We can provide guidance on the most efficient way to accomplish your goals, using freely available plugins or in some cases, custom programming. Contact us for more information and let us use our technical expertise to get that new feature working on your site.