About Red Kite

We’re a Fort Collins, Colorado website design company, located an hour north of Denver. Web design has been a passion since owner Debbie Campbell first learned to code in grad school, stuck in a Pennsylvania blizzard over Thanksgiving vacation.

Why Choose Red Kite?

Photo of Red Kite owner Debbie Campbell

Hello, I’m Debbie, a web design professional with over 18 years of experience in all aspects of design and development for the web.

I’m a problem solver. I love using my creative and analytical skills to come up with solutions that engage visitors and meet the business’s goals, yet still offer an easy-to-use online experience.  I believe good design is invisible – it provides context and direction but doesn’t get in the user’s way.

One of the best things about being a web designer is getting to work with a wide variety of business clients from all kinds of industries. The other best thing is that I get to learn something new almost every day. I’m an active blogger and I continue to build my expertise through classes, conferences and workshops.

I’m one of the founders of Fort Collins Internet Pros, a Meetup group that currently has over 400 members.

I’m a solo professional but I work with a team of partners, included trusted SEO and social media professionals, copywriters, database and other programming partners to ensure that your project gets exactly what it needs.

Why Is Choosing the Right Web Designer So Important?

Red Kite makes your life easier by providing you with a website that you can manage and grow without the ongoing help of a web designer – and we’ll educate you on how to use it, too. We’ll help you understand the benefits and costs of content management. We talk honestly with clients about what works and what doesn’t in the Web world because we believe that an enlightened client is far more likely to succeed; a successful client is the best testimonial we can ask for!

A website can be the single most cost-effective marketing tool for your business. You have only seconds to grab your visitors before they flit to the next competitor’s site, and with our compelling design work and clean, well-thought-out navigation we can help you make those seconds really count.

Download Red Kite’s one-sheet (PDF) for a capabilities overview you can print.


We designed, built and ran a successful online retail store for 9 years; we have the first-hand, from-the-ground-up, in-the-trenches ecommerce experience that you won’t find in a typical web developer. We can walk you through the world of ecommerce with a unique perspective, and help you get started with ecommerce on your website.

Web Standards & Accessibility

Standards-based sites are well-built with beautifully clean code. Building to standards helps reduce the costs of developing and maintaining sites, and helps ensure that they will function correctly well into the future. Standards-based sites are more accessible to more users. And they are a much better long-term value for the business owner.

We’re Little

Red Kite is a small company. That makes us fast and agile – and it also means that when you contact us you’ll talk with the person that’s actually working on your project. We like partnering closely with our clients, and being small means we can give each project the attention and care it deserves.

Who Works With Red Kite?

Our clients includes retail shop owners and mail order businesses, coaches, farmers, event planners, real estate agents, photographers, accountants, artists, designers, professional organizations, R&D firms, non-profits, marketing pros, consultants, software developers and architects. We work with clients throughout the United States.

We also do a significant amount of work for other web and graphic designers throughout the U.S., particularly custom WordPress themes and site development.

Find out more about how we work, then let us help you build your web presence by creating or redesigning a custom, standards-based, search engine-friendly design tailored to your needs. Get in touch for more information – we’d love to discuss your ideas.